****** 1942 ******

During 1941 another 31 people with a connection to Darwen had lost their lives as a result of the war, 3 of whom were civilian casualties. At the end of 1941 Britain lost HMS Prince of Wales just off Singapore. The survivors and Royal Marines from the Prince of Wales were taken to Singapore which was set to defend itself from sea borne attacks from the Japanese. Inland from Singapore was a dense area of swampland and no-one expected an attack from that side. By the time they realised that the Japanese were approaching it was too late to do anything about it and Singapore surrendered. The Germans, meanwhile tried to take Malta, but stern resistance under incredible strain earned the island its freedom and the George Cross from King George VI. Then finally some good news – the Germans and Italians defeated at El Alamein, though in the process more Darwen lives would be lost.

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