****** 1943 ******

A further 25 people with a connection to Darwen had lost their lives during 1942 as a direct result of the war. Some of those deaths occurred in accidental circumstances which makes it even more tragic. Russia would win the battle for Stalingrad and Darwen men were in the convoys taking supplies to help the Russians. Darwen continued to send troops to North Africa where Germany was finally forced to surrender in Tunisia. Those troops would then be asked to move on to other targets including Sicily and then onwards to Italy. A second force was gathering further East in India and Burma and many Darwen men would end up in that theatre of war. In December another piece of revenge for a Darwen man lost in 1940 with the loss of HMS Glorious – an aircraft carrier involved in the controversial sinking after rescuing troops and equipment from Norway. Claude Sanderson had been Stoker First Class on the ill-fated Glorious when she was sunk by the Scharnhorst, but in December 1943 Roy Nightingale from Darwen would win the DSO for his part on HMS Sheffield in sinking the Scharnhorst.

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