Wednesday 19th May 2021 was our first day open to the public for over a year. We had a lovely day with some visitors looking at all our new displays. Below are just a few photographs of the day.

A new display featuring photographs of Whitehall Park has been set up in the Main Exhibition Room.

The display contains photographs of the Lightbown Decorative Fountain, the Lych Gate, the Walmsley Sundial, the Catlow Drinking Fountain, the Cannon, the Pickup Bandstand and the Top Sundial. 

A new display featuring photographs of Bold Venture Park has been set up in the Main Exhibition Room.

The display contains photographs of the Rutherford Bandstand, the Gillibrand Observatory,the Ashton Kiosk, the Hindle Aviary and the Shorrock Drinking Fountain.

The third display of Darwen Parks has now been set up.Joining Whitehall Park and Bold Venture Park we now have a display of Sunnyhurst Wood. All displays are set up in the Main Exhibition Room and are full of wonderful photographs and interesting information about the parks. Well worth a visit to the Heritage Centre to view them.

A big thank you to Adrian Turner for making a substantial donation to the Darwen Heritage Centre following the sale of prints and original paintings from his recent successful exhibition at the Centre. The Exhibition of his work was well received by visitors and  we were both surprised and very grateful for the generosity shown by Adrian. Here he is seen handing over a cheque to our Office Manager Joyce Hudson.

This Memorial Plaque is from Bolton Road URC which closed its doors recently. It was in the original Bolton Road Church and now has been placed in the entrance to the Heritage Centre. Thank you to Stevenson Memorials for fixing it to the wall for us totally free of charge.

On Tuesday 3rd December 2019 a talk was given on Darwen and its people in WWII by Albert to Holy Trinity School Year 5 and 6 pupils.

The children and staff had many questions to ask after the talk and then they spent some time looking at the picture display set up for them and finding answers to the quiz questions.

If any other schools would like to bring classes to the Heritage Centre for talks on Darwen Heritage and Social History please do get in touch with us to arrange.

Children's Colouring Corner

We now have a corner where children can sit and colour with crayons while parents look around the centre.