Whats New in the Heritage Centre

Darwen Heritage 2020 Calendar.

We now have our calendar in the Heritage Centre. If you want to purchase a calendar please visit us or phone us. Remember this is a limited edition and at least half the number printed have already been sold.

Price £7

A new exhibition is now open in our Front Exhibition Room.

It is a collection of paintings by a local artist, Adrian Turner.

All of the paintings are of buildings and views in Darwen.

It is well worth a visit and will be on for about 6 weeks.

Please visit us to see this new exhibition as well as looking at everything else we have on show.

An illustrated talk on Victorian Darwen was given by Albert to Avondale C.P. School’s Year 6 pupils.

The children had plenty of questions after the talk and enjoyed finding the quiz answers that were displayed around the Heritage Centre.

If any other schools would like to bring classes to the Heritage Centre for talks on Darwen Heritage and Social History please do get in touch with us to arrange.

A new display featuring photographs of Whitehall Park has been set up in the Main Exhibition Room.

The display contains photographs of the Lightbown Decorative Fountain, the Lych Gate, the Walmsley Sundial, the Catlow Drinking Fountain, the Cannon, the Pickup Bandstand and the Top Sundial. 

Children's Colouring Corner

We now have a corner where children can sit and colour with crayons while parents look around the centre.

Darwen Heritage Centre '100' Club

The Heritage Centre are running a ‘100’ Club where, for £3 a month, numbers are drawn out every month winning £20, £15, and £10 respectively.
If you are interested in joining our ‘100’ Club, which raises much needed funds for Darwen Heritage Centre , please call in and fill in an application form.
The winners in the first 6 month draws are listed below

£20 – A Rigby
£20 – H. Romain
£15 – L. Jazwinski
£10 – L. Whittle
£20 – Adrian Turner
£15 – Mary Binns
£10 – D.P Moulden
£20 – M. Stephenson
£15 – Y. Spink
£10 – C. Briggs
£20 – A. Stokes
£15 – C. Briggs
£10 – F. Rigby
£20 – S. Carus
£15 – E. Jepson
£10 – T.Rigby

The next draw will take place on 12th November at the talk on ‘Dirty Darwen’ by Tony Foster.

Poppies for Armistice Day 11th November 2019

In 2018 1,302 poppies were made and donated by the people of Darwen for our WW1 Centenary Exhibition.

 This year you are welcome to take one of those poppies in exchange for a donation to the Royal British Legion.

Christmas Closing

The Heritage Centre will close at 12.30pm on Wednesday 18th December 2019 and will not open again until 10am on Wednesday 8th January 2020.

Everyone who volunteers at the Heritage Centre thanks you for the wonderful support over the last year. Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Good and Happy New Year.