On Tuesday 23rd April Darwen Heritage Centre hosted a visit of twenty Civic dignitaries to see the Centre and learn about what it all means to Darwen. Thanks go to the Mayor of Blackburn with Darwen for arranging this visit. It was wonderful to see everybody and it was a very enjoyable morning for all.

New Exhibitions for 2024

Posters showing how music venues and bands in Darwen were celebrated in 1960's through to 1980's
A Display by Michael on the Darwen Double Track Extension 1950's - 2016

These three War Memorials have been loaned to DHC by St. Peters Church and are now on display at the centre.


The original hand painted design from Paris used to create engraved rollers to surface print wallpaper. from 1897

Our Programme of Talks for 2024

13th March 2024

Harold Heys – James Hargreaves Morton, Darwen’s Finest Artist

10th April 2024

John Jacklin – The WM & BW Lloyd Charity Trust 

8th May 2024

Phil Calvey – Let’s us talk proper Darren

11th September 2024

Brian Hilton –  Spring Vale Station & Its Station Master, Thomas Knowles

9th October 2024

John Dalton – From the Higher Grade to the Grammar School in Pictures

13th November 2024

Albert Gavagan – Darwen’s D-Day 1944

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The displays on offer at the Darwen Heritage Centre are always changing thanks to the efforts of our volunteers. Putting a display together takes a lot of time and care, from research through to final presentation.  If you fancy having a go and have a display in mind then why not come along and join the volunteers.