New Books

Houses of the Gentry in 19th Century Darwen

by L. Anne Hull     

Price £10

Our Glorious Dead. Darwen in the Great War

by Tony Foster      

Price £20

 ‘The Tech’ 1945 – 1972

by Andrew Rigby  

Price £7

Lest We Forget

by Judith C. Jacklin 

Price £2

Our Greatest Generation

by Andrew Rigby

Price £8

Darwen Men at Gallipoli

by Friends of Darwen Cemetery

Price £3

New Books

Tockholes, Time Warp Revisited

By Judith C Jacklin

Price £7

A History of St Stephen’s Church 640 AD – 2017 AD

by Judith C. Jacklin

Price £15

Tockholes A Walkers Guide

by Adrian C. Rigby & Judith C. Jacklin

Price £2

Darwen Remembers 

1914 – 1918

by the Friends of Darwen Cemetery

Price £5

Darwen Town Centre

Local History Walks

Price £2


New Books

Darwen Golf Club 

1893 -1993

Price £5

The Rhymes of an Ancient Mariner

An anthology of poems by John Victor Gavagn 1922-2015

Price £2

Calling any Furniture Restorers

1 We have several old wooden dining chairs which are not needed. they are suitable for a restoration project or for upcycling.

2 A pair of round wooden tables, 48 inches diameter need some work.

3 A pair of black vinyl settees / day beds

Please contact us at the Heritage Centre for details.

Tel. No. 01254 433140


Reel to Reel DVD 

by Darwen Days

Price £5

Cards by local artist Brian Dickinson

Price 0.40p each or £2 for 5

Darwen Heritage Centre pencils

Price 50p

Darwen Heritage Centre pens

Price £1

Darwen Heritage Centre 2020 Calendar

Price £7

Limited Edition so order by 26th October to make sure of getting one