New Books

Our Glorious Dead. Darwen in the Great War

by Tony Foster      

Price £20

 ‘The Tech’ 1945 – 1972

by Andrew Rigby  

Price £7

Lest We Forget

by Judith C. Jacklin 

Price £2

Our Greatest Generation

by Andrew Rigby

Price £8

Darwen Men at Gallipoli

by Friends of Darwen Cemetery

Price £2

Darwen Golf Club
1893 -1993
Price £2.50
The Rhymes of an Ancient Mariner
An anthology of poems by John Victor Gavagan 1922-2015
Price £2

New Books

Tockholes, Time Warp Revisited

By Judith C Jacklin

Price £7

A History of St Stephen’s Church 640 AD – 2017 AD

by Judith C. Jacklin

Price £10

Tockholes A Walkers Guide

by Adrian C. Rigby & Judith C. Jacklin

Price £2

Darwen Remembers 

1914 – 1918

by the Friends of Darwen Cemetery

Price £5

Darwen Town Centre

Local History Walks

Price £2

Reel to Reel DVD
by Darwen Days

Price £5

If you would like to purchase any of the books please visit us or telephone us. The cost of postage and package can be arranged.




Postcards by local artist Brian Dickinson

Price 0.50p each or 6 for £2.00

0.50p each or 6 for £2.00

Darwen Heritage Centre pencils

Price 50p

Darwen Heritage Centre pens

Price £1.00

Darwen Heritage Centre mugs

£6.00 each