A Collection of Local Artists Work

A mixed bag of local artists was behind the recent Heritage Centre quiz which featured 40 depictions of Darwen, the oldest being James Hargreaves Morton who was killed in the closing days of the Great War.. Harold Heys has asked us to point out that he has several “entries” – simply because he had photos of his output “in the can” and they were easy to gather in for him to use in his quiz.
Some of the other 30 or so which were used took some hard digging out, but were well worth all the effort, he says.

Billy Almond

Albert Hurst

JH Morton

Ron Duxbury

Harvey Thornton

Harold Heys

Ian Morris

Reg Ball

Dave Gudgeon

Gill Ousby

Jim Riley

Hubert Bentley

Adie Turner

Bill Brookes

Frank Ellison

John Higson

Simon Painter

The photographs of the paintings will have their titles and the artist added at a later date, but all of the artists are listed above.

***You can click on each image to enlarge it***