There were plenty of photographers who set up in Darwen in the Victorian and Edwardian era and we are grateful to them for recording the amazing costumes which could be seen in and around Darwen at that time.  Families were keen to have their portraits captured on film and kept family albums well stocked with images of wives, husbands, children, grandparents etc all turned out in their finery.  For the gentlemen we see woollen suits with piped edging, cravats, bow ties, stiff collars and shirt studs.  On the children there are elaborate lace and crochet edged garments mixed with hob nailed boots.  The women though wear the most fascinating garments and wonderful hats that you will ever see.  One can’t imagine the amount of material it would have taken to create some of these dresses, and the weight of the garment being worn must have been restrictive.  High collars, tight bodices and then voluminous skirts in a range of fabrics, some beaded, others embroidered and all enhanced with a range of jewellery. 

Take a close look at all these photos because they are all Darwen folk and who knows – maybe you will recognise a relative of yours.