Anne working on cataloguing donated artifacts
George putting out our banner
Joyce working on our computer
Pat doing tidying up before we open
Paige and Olivia looking at new donations guarded by Lewis.
Albert and Pat getting pictures ready for our Music Exhibition

What are DHC Volunteers?

Darwen Heritage Centre volunteers are people that give up a few hours every week to help at the Centre.

 Darwen Heritage Centre is run completely by volunteers and without our wonderful volunteers we would have to close the Centre.

At present we have twenty volunteers who do a number of different things to make sure our Heritage Centre is the best it can be and make sure we can open on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

What are volunteers expected to do?

Some of our volunteers were born in Darwen, some moved to Darwen when they married, and some have not lived in Darwen for very long. This does not matter. We all help in many different ways. Some volunteers clean the Centre and keep it tidy. Some volunteers help with setting up displays. Some volunteers help with checking and cataloguing all the items that have been donated or loaned to us. Some volunteers do talks. It does not matter what you know or do not know about Darwen heritage and history because we are all learning things all the time and we all help each other to learn. If you are a ‘people person’ there are always visitors that you can talk to or show around the Centre. If you are a shy person, you can just continue doing a job that suits you. Volunteers can come to the Centre on whatever day suits them and stay for as long as they like.

 Finally, I would like to say that if you would like to volunteer, please slip into the Centre and talk to us.

Oliva deciding how to display the photographs for the Centenary of Remembrance
Ian, a volunteer, chatting with a visitor over a cup of coffee with Lewis, the Centre dog, keeping them company
Gordon cutting the grass
Sue checking our Donation Box
John and George working down in the basement
Anne looking after the garden
Chloe checking the storage of donated artifacts

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