WW1 War Memorials 2

Memorials Commemorating the Great War Over 9,000 Darwen folk went to war in the Great War and over 1,300 paid the ultimate price. Having set a precedent with the South Africa War there was a clamour to remember those lost in various Memorials around the town. Mills, Churches, Schools and the Working Men’s Clubs all put up Memorials to those involved. Some recorded the valiant effort of all who went regardless of whether or not they returned whereas others listed just those who had lost their lives, and some recorded no names at all. The town Memorial was erected in Bold Venture Park after much consideration of other suggestions and is now a Grade 2* listed Monument. Most of the Memorials were created in and around 1920 but as time has gone by the Mills have closed, as have the Working Men’s Clubs and some of the churches and with them have gone the Memorials. We are aware of over 20 Memorials which are no longer in situ and with no evidence of where they have gone, and this is an attempt to halt that erosion in support of the maxim ‘Lest we Forget’.

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