Darwen Tower

The tower was built to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897.  This was a special time for Darwen as the town’s people had just won the right to roam the moors on the many footpaths which still exist today.  For years there had been moves to ban the public from using the footpaths across the moors and at times the strong arm of the bailiffs made life very difficult for those who confronted them.  The story of the freeing of the moors and the creation of the Tower can be studied in the Tower Exhibition pages.  Today, visitors can walk to the Tower from many directions and access can be gained from Darwen, Tockholes, Belmont, Egerton and so on.  The Tower can be seen on the horizon from miles away and likewise, the views from the top of the Tower on a clear day are breath taking.  From the mountains of North Wales to the high peaks of the Lake District, a great vista greets those who take the trek to the top of the Tower.

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